Richard Franken about pageFor years, Richard Franken has been an avid swimming enthusiast. He believes that swimming can do great work for the mind and body, and that it is one of the most beneficial physical activities for a number of reasons. A prime example is that swimming helps build muscle tone, and improves overall body strength. Swimming can also help individuals to build stamina and lose weight, and it encourages overall fitness of the body and mind. It’s a great cardio workout gets the heart rate up and has similar benefits to exercises like walking, running, or biking.

The other reason that Franken promotes swimming so avidly is that it is a low-impact exercise, which makes it the perfect choice for those who need a little boost in getting back into shape. Those that have injuries, are overweight, are pregnant, or who have weakness in different joints that keeps them from being on their feet for long periods of time, swimming can be a great alternative, since the buoyancy of the water reduces strain on the body. Swimming is a workout that can fit truly anyone, and help people from all lifestyles change their take on fitness.

It’s not just your body that will benefit from taking up swimming, but your mental health as well. Being in water can promote a sense of calmness, and paired with the increase in endorphins that comes with a good workout, can be a great way to reduce stress. Since mental health is just as important for healthy living as physical health, swimming can be a wonder for overall health.

Richard Franken’s own experiences with swimming have made him aware of just how amazingly beneficial it can be for individuals in any walk of life who want to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Franken hopes to encourage other swimmers, those who are new to it, as well as those that have been lifetime swimmers. He will do this by sharing information on different swimming techniques and workouts, and content that will help anyone start to experience how great swimming can be for them. He invites you to follow this site to discover the fantastic benefits of swimming for yourself.

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About Richard Franken Motivational Speaker
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