Richard Franken that it can be a difficult get, and stay in shape. The endless hours of working out, counting your calories, and keeping a positive attitude can exhausting, but the reward is all worth it. That is what Richard Franken is here for: to give you motivation, and help you maintain the best shape of your life. He knows that with the right tips and positive encouragement, you can get your mind and body working in stereo to make a healthy change in your life


  • Give Yourself A Reward

Richard Franken believes that rewards can be the best way to help you succeed. Like a hamster through a maze trying to get food, a reward at the end of a journey makes the journey worth it. Set rewards for yourself; run a mile this week and go see a movie that you have wanted to see. Hike for two hours and reward yourself with a scoop of ice cream. Whatever you enjoy can be turned into positive reinforcement, and used to help you get healthier.


  • Stay Focused

One of Richard Franken’s other main tips is to stay focused, and not let negative thoughts cloud your head. Staying positive is perhaps the best way to accomplish your goal, and it affects both your body and mind. By staying focused, it keeps you on track and helps you stay away from what you were unhealthy with in the first place.

There are more tips, but Richard Franken offers these two as simple starters on the way to getting healthier. Eating right and exercising are obviously key points, but if you follow these two, you should start seeing and keeping these results. Together, we’re making the world a healthier place!