Richard Franken knows about the struggle to get fit. The hours put in, carbs you try to lose; it can be an arduous journey. However, success can be achieved with the help of a few tips from Richard Franken. With these tips, along with good eating and exercise,  you can get into great shape and feel better about yourself! So here are just a few tips from Richard Franken to help you become more fit.

  • This Will Take Time

The first tip that Richard Franken has is to understand that the journey to better health will take time. It is not a one week process, or even a one month process. This is a lifestyle change, and you need to grasp that before starting a diet or exercise regime. Cheat days are ok, but you need to think positive and stay on track in order to get the results you desire. By staying positive and realizing that you will need time to accomplish this, it keeps you grounded and doesn’t get your expectations too high or too low. If you tell yourself that you can do it, and keep a steady pace, the results will start to be noticeable, with your body and mind-improving because of it.

  • Set Up An Exercise Regiment

Richard Franken’s next tip is to set up an exercise regimen and stick to it. If there is a gym near you, it would be great to sign up for it, as you can use their equipment for better workouts and results. Set up a log detailing your workout, and try to go every other day. Take a look at websites to figure out workouts for beginners, and see if that is something you would like to try.

You can also do crunches or situps in the morning, as well as pushups for a quick and easy workout before you go to work or school. Running also helps, you can run for an hour to improve your cardio and burn off calories. Whatever you decide to do, stick to it. Once you skip one day, that can become two days, which then starts to become more and more time that you are skipping. Pretty soon, you have stopped working out altogether and are back to where you started.

  • Stay Positive

Richard Franken’s final tip is to stay positive! Positivity is a very powerful weapon in your arsenal to getting in shape. Do not let negativity take you back to the beginning stages of your journey; use it as a learning experience, and stay on track. You can have a cheat day every once in a while, but keep reminding yourself what the end result is. Stay focused, and tell yourself that you can do it because you can! You can achieve whatever you set your mind to, use this positivity to your advantage. Together, we can make a healthier world!