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Are you trying to get fit or eat right and finding it harder than you expected? Maybe you can’t find healthy recipes that are easy to make, you are having difficulty finding an exercise plan that works for you, or you simply don’t have anyone in your life to help motivate you and support you with these changes in your life.

My name is Richard Franken, and I understand the struggles that many individuals face when they are starting on a path to a fit lifestyle. I know the ups and downs, and the challenges of changing life habits, trying to eat healthier, and finding time to work out. Because I understand how challenging these pursuits can be, especially without s the proper support, I have made it my mission to help individuals with this journey in any way that I can.

I started this page so that I can help individuals in any walk of life who want to meet their fitness goals. I want to share my own experiences and what I have learned in my own life while making healthier lifestyle changes. I will be offering tips on eating well by posting articles on nutrition, diet, superfoods, and cooking light. I will also be sharing information on my favorite exercise routines, with articles on swimming, fitness tips, and easy workouts.

I hope to share a variety of topics and tips so that anyone, no matter where they may be in their fitness journey, can find something that will help them succeed with their fitness goals. I aim to be your support and your guide through this important step in your life, and to help you make permanent fitness and health changes in your life that will give you energy and make you feel happier. I hope you join me on this journey, and follow me for more information, articles, and tips.

Richard Franken and Setting Goals Towards Getting Fit

Richard Franken understands how important goals are towards getting healthy. He knows that having goals are a vital part of reaching a result and that they can keep someone on track. Richard Franken has a few tips that he has found are helpful when creating goals for...

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